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Reflective Christian Devotional book

Got Fire?

It's time to burn, to become Uncapped

By reading the Best Christian Devotional book

As we let our own light shine (become uncapped), we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

― Nelson Mandela

The Uncapped Story


It was late winter 2018. Spring was right around the corner, which was supposed to be welcome news in this part of the world, especially for us, CJ and Mike. It had been a long winter, both physically (the cold had overstayed its welcome) and spiritually. We were both staring down a long dreadful year ahead. The stress of life and our individual meandering walks with God had taken a toll on our meagre attempt at New Year resolutions.

I, CJ, had just been through the most difficult season of my life. Our family was going through the stress of health challenges, accidents, and then I lost my job. All of these circumstances led me on a quest for new meaning in life. A new adventure; something beyond the mundane. Something intriguing and inspiring. I was looking for something that would take my relationship with God and my impact on my world, to another level.

I could see the potential for greatness in my family and friends who had settled for mediocrity in their lives. This bothered me. I desperately wanted to help them and I had many ideas but, often found myself facing dead ends.

I was praying, seeking and studying the scriptures and was unaware of how God was going to answer my prayers. Something just had to be different, I kept telling myself.

I, Mike, was fighting through a dry season of life. In one of my writings, I coined that season “my desert years” (okay, perhaps a little dramatic). I later called it “my season of loss” (definitely more accurate). Like CJ, even in the midst of my frustration and uncertainties and perhaps as a result of these, I was loaded with ideas, striving to forge forward but feeling capped and trapped. I couldn’t figure out how to come out of the funk so I started writing to clear my mind. Incidentally, and now I see God’s tender hand of rescue, God was laying a hidden foundation. A couple of years prior, I had bought a few domain names. I was particularly excited about one of them: “”. At the time, I was walking alongside friends who were facing their own seasons of dormancy. I felt strongly about helping my friends uncap themselves – to breakthrough. I had ideas on some ways partnering with them to make that happen. I was unaware my own season was about to take a downturn. And when it did, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to take all that was swirling in my head and heart and use it to uncap myself.

Then one winter morning, everything changed in ways we could have never imagined. We had met to celebrate CJ’s birthday. We both discovered how similar our journeys were. One conversation led to another as we shared openly about life, God, work, family and relationships. Our paths could not have been more identical. We were already bonded in friendship and in this conversation discovered not only our share seasons and quest through it, but also our love for writing. What was abundantly clear was that we both deeply desired to thrive and held an undying passion to influence lives for God.

We built each other up and resolved to push a little, just a foot or two beyond our comfort zone and enter where the magic happens: The Uncapped Zone!

That is when this shared desire to be uncapped was fanned into flames. This devotional book (and many more to follow) came out of that desire and the scriptures are a result of that journey which we aim to share with you.

Meet the crazy guys


CJ Tetley has been teaching, training and coaching people for over twenty years. He has a background as a freestyle skier, a corporate trainer and has a degree in Education. He has been a Christian for almost 20 years and has been married for 17 years. He and his wife, Melissa, have two boys and live in Toronto and serve as shepherds in the Toronto Church.


Mike Abrokwah is passionate about people and their endless potential. If there was a soundtrack to his life, it would go something like this: “I believe we can all flourish in unfavourable climates”. He strives to live UNCAPPED and is happy to tag alongside anyone who wishes to do the same. He has been a Christian for over 25 years and has been married for almost 20 years. He and his wife, Damali, have three children. The Abrokwahs live in Toronto where Mike serves as an Evangelist in the Toronto Church.

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